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“Some Have Babies; Others, Regrets!” examines the relevance of the creation mandate for human beings to multiply and fill the earth in today’s world. It evaluates popular notions about the world being over-populated in the light of available scientific evidence.

What does it mean when Christians say that man was created in the image of God? What are its implications for us? How is man different from animals and other life forms? Was both Adam and Eve made in the image of God? Is there any biblical basis for male headship in family and male leadership in the Church? “Imago Dei and the Uniqueness of Man” seeks to answer these questions through a thorough examination of Biblical teaching and by drawing upon relevant scholarship.
Critics admit that this book “is careful, logical, [and] well researched” even when they, for the sake of holding on to politically correct views, are unable to agree with the author’s biblically sound conclusions.

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